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  1. ArtsBeat: Irish Arts Center Announces New Season
    A new monthly music and literature residency organized by the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon will be part of center’s fall season.

  2. Hijuelos Novel to Be Published Posthumously
    “Twain and Stanley Enter Paradise,” a novel by Oscar Hijuelos, who died last year, will be published in 2015.

  3. Books of The Times: In ‘The Dog,’ Jack Livings Writes of a Modernizing China
    In his short-story collection “The Dog,” Jack Livings describes Chinese characters scrambling to adjust to their nation’s rapid changes.

  4. Edan Lepucki’s ‘California,’ Alberto Moravia’s ‘Agostino,’ and More
    New books by Edan Lepucki, Scott Cheshire, Bill Morris, Mark Chiusano, Alberto Moravia and Can Xue visit California, Detroit and Marine Park in Brooklyn, among other places.

  5. Bel Kaufman, Who Told What School Was Really Like, Dies at 103
    Ms. Kaufman’s first novel, “Up the Down Staircase,” portrayed the topsy-turvy world of a New York City public school and was based on her experience as a teacher.

  6. ArtsBeat: Warren G. Harding’s Racy Love Letters Unsealed
    Nearly 1,000 handwritten pages of Warren G. Harding’s steamy letters to his mistress, Carrie Phillips, are available online.

  7. Children’s Books: ‘The Great Greene Heist,’ by Varian Johnson
    In Varian Johnson’s “The Great Greene Heist,” a middle schooler dreams up a plan to influence an election for student council president.

  8. De Villiers May Gain an American Audience, Posthumously
    Vintage will release English translations of the spy thrillers by Gérard de Villiers, the French novelist who died of cancer last fall.

  9. ArtsBeat: James Wolcott and Frank Bidart Among 2014 PEN American Winners
    The PEN American Center announced its annual literary award winners today, with a ceremony to follow on Sept. 29.

  10. Books of The Times: ‘Selected Poems,’ by Mark Ford, Covers a Career
    “Selected Poems” gathers decades of works by the British poet Mark Ford.

  11. ArtsBeat: A Crowdsourced Sonnet for a Summer’s Day in the Office
    The poem, assembled by The American Scholar online begins, “How like a prison is my cubicle.”

  12. Bookends: Highbrow, Lowbrow, Middlebrow — Do These Kinds of Cultural Categories Mean Anything Anymore?
    Thomas Mallon and Pankaj Mishra discuss whether there is any use in retaining old labels of cultural prestige.

  13. Louise Shivers, Conjurer of Rural South, Dies at 84
    Ms. Shivers was startled by the critical success of her first novella, “Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail” (1983), published when she was in her 50s.

  14. Books of The Times: ‘The Invisible Bridge,’ by Rick Perlstein
    In “The Invisible Bridge,” his latest history of the American conservative movement, Rick Perlstein chronicles 1973 through 1976.

  15. Peter Mendelsund, Book Designer, Debuts as a Writer
    Peter Mendelsund has designed hundreds of striking book covers, but his imagination seized up when it came time to design one for his own book.

  16. Books: Book Review: ‘The Norm Chronicles’
    “The Norm Chronicles: Stories and Numbers About Danger and Death” is a kinetic trip through the percentages of risk and the primacy of perceptions.

  17. Is Poetry Dead? Not if 45 Official Laureates Are Any Indication
    The abrupt resignation this month of the North Carolina poet laureate prompts a question: Who are these poets, and what do they do?

  18. Books of The Times: In ‘The Nixon Defense,’ John W. Dean Returns to Watergate
    “The Nixon Defense,” by John W. Dean, Richard M. Nixon’s counsel during the Watergate scandal, is a day-by-day account of the president’s cover-up.

  19. Off The Shelf: ‘Marriage Markets’ Looks at Pressures on Families
    In a new book, two professors of family law chronicle the economic factors that are eroding old definitions of the family.

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